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Cheerios Tryouts
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kait_18 wrote in the_cheerios

  Hello potential [info]gleeverse member, welcome to our little corner of McKinley!

Rachel Berry said it best when she said, "Being part of something special makes you special, right?"  We are, without a doubt, part of something very special.

The Cheerios are a group of dedicated, competitive, and amazingly talented people who've become friends.  We work hard and we play harder. Things can get a little bit crazy at times, but that's only because we're having so much fun! Win or lose, at the end of the day we're a family and that's all that really matters. We'd love for you to be a part of our family, too!♥

If you're still not sure that Cheerios is the right team for you, come take a look around and get to know us a little bit better!


Weclome Perspective Cheerios
An Introductory Video

(Please do not exit the theater until the credits have finished rolling. There is an ending you won't want to miss!) 

Top Ten Reasons it's Good to be a Cheerio
We're not just in it for the free passes to Cedar Point! 

10. We have tanning privileges. Do not underestimate the power of tanning privileges

9. Our mascot is a baby (Drizzle) riding a cat (Lord Tubbington). Need I say more?

8. We love all things glitter, .gifs, and spam posts!

7. Team Chats! They are epic, random, informative, hilarious, and unforgettable on so many levels.

6. We’re winners! Let’s be honest, even though winning isn’t everything it sure is a lot of fun! Cheerios are the reigning champions of gleeverse and have come in first place five out of the seven Sectionals.

5. Weekly episode discussion posts! Glee will be back in September (!!!!!), and there is nothing more fun than gathering in our weekly discussion posts to squee (or cry) with your friends.

4. No matter what ‘ship or other fandom you’re into, there is probably someone on our team that likes it just as much as you do! 

3. The mods here truly love the team and this community. ♥ You will never be demoted to the bottom of the pyramid, even if you get a boob job!

2. You will not find a more supportive team anywhere. If you have a problem there is always a fellow Cheerio, standing beside you with her pom-poms, ready to cheer you on and help you out in any way she possibly can.

1. The friends you make here will become your family. We can count on each other any time, any day, no matter what. At the end of the day, we hug!

Cheerios Warm-Up Mix
Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pierce approved, to help you get ready for the big game!




And Now, A Word From Our Cheerios  
What's in a name? Well, as all of us have figured out, names don't mean much. They're just that, names. It's the people that matter. And to tell you about the REAL Cheerios, here's a letter from all of us...

 title or description
♥To read the Cheerios' testimonials in their entirety, please click ♥

Word Cloud
The Cheerios are fully committed to equal opportunity tryouts, diversity is our goal. Here is an overview of our current squad's interests.   

Team Uniforms
A Cheerio always has to look her best, wherever she goes.
"And tighten up your pony before you get to class!" 

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 A Message From Sue
Thankfully, we don't hear from Sue very much around here. She's too busy trying to take over Congress and destory the Glee Club. Or something like that. She did have this message for you potential Cheerios, though.

♥This concludes your tryout to The Cheerios. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you at practice soon!!!♥ 

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This post is made of awesome.
I love all you cheerios so much.

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